A Drive Emblematic of New York Itself: Get to Know Alison C. Gaskin

April 29, 2021

By Parade Stone with contribution by Alison C. Gaskin, Esq.

Alison C. Gaskin, Esq., Managing Attorney at JLC & Associates, began her work with the firm through an internship in 2013. She met Jean L. Chou Esq., founder and Principal Attorney of the firm, while studying at New York Law School. The upward mobility of her job history speaks to her talents as an attorney and asa team member. Think about it - how many of us can say our early career internship turned into nearly eight years of employment with a successful law firm?


Gaskin developed an interest in law early in life as teachers frequently suggested that she could be a lawyer when she grew up. Gaskin chuckles as she explains, “I was one of those kids who was always the die hard defender of anyone. I have a lot of siblings and I was always going to bat for them when I felt they were being treated unjustly.”


Gaskin cultivated a passion for real estate law when she worked for a title company after receiving her undergraduate degree from Fordham University. As she worked alongside the company’s staff of attorneys, she learned the intricacies of real estate law and admired the fast-paced intensity of the industry. “Every day is different from the last,” she explains with satisfaction.  


A Queens native, Gaskin likens the spirit of New York City to that of real estate law: “ really requires a certain type of drive. It’s emblematic of New York itself.” This fierce tenacity allowed Gaskin to rise to the occasion when the city quickly became the epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic, leaving her and her husband to work from home while raising their two-year-old son.  Gaskin is grateful to work remotely and prioritize her health during this time but acknowledges the difficulties of those early, uncertain days: “Kudos to all the working parents out there because it is one of the hardest things we’ve had todo.”


In addition to navigating parenthood along with today’s ever-changing work landscape, Gaskin is expecting her second child shortly after the new year. Despite this potentially overwhelming combination of challenges, Gaskin moves forward with that same New York City tenacity: “You don’t know what you can do until you just do it.”


The JLC & Associates team maintains a strong focus on supporting each other in order to service their clients with the quality level of care and attention to detail associated with the firm. Gaskin and Chou emphasized the importance of team building from the beginning of the pandemic as they decided to implement a daily group Zoom meeting to foster a sense of community. Gaskin exclaims in disbelief, “We had never used Zoom before!”


Gaskin values her title as a team leader and an attorney. The intrinsic qualities of both roles influence her approach to her work: “When I first started with the firm, something Jean said that always stuck with me is that as attorneys, we are service providers... And that’s how I’ve always tried to consider myself. The service aspect of it is paramount to our firm and how we operate.”


Gaskin will be on maternity leave for the first quarter of 2021. She feels hopeful for the firm as well as for her return in the second quarter: “I think we all feared the worst in 2020... We pulled through it so I’m really excited for the growth that we can see in 2021.”


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