Highlighting the Importance of a Macro Perspective: Get to Know Jason Rogovich

April 30, 2021

By Parade Stone with contribution by Jason Rogovich, Esq.

Jason Rogovich, Esq., Associate Attorney at JLC & Associates, joined the firm shortly after completing the esteemed CityLaw/CityLand Fellowship. After spending a year immersed in zoning, property development and real estate law, Rogovich brings his multi-faceted background to his work with his clients.


A Northern New Jersey native, Rogovich regarded real estate highly from a young age as he associated the field with stability and consistency. “My interest stemmed from familial ventures in real estate…real estate was always something people needed (because) people always need a place to live,” he explains. In addition to his positive associations with real estate, Jason grew up surrounded by law professionals. He admired their knowledge and the respect they received from his community. As he came of age, Rogovich saw a clear path for himself.


With real estate at the forefront of his mind, Rogovich completed his undergraduate degree at University of South Carolina and applied to law school. He received his J.D. from New York Law School in 2019. In addition to his affiliation with the Center for Real Estate Studies, a curriculum focused on real estate and specifically commercial and residential transactions, he studied environmental law as well. “I think of myself as somewhat environmentally conscious,” he states as he highlights the parallels between these land-focused areas of law.


Rogovich’s combination of interests served him well during the CityLaw/CityLandFellowship. He spent a year learning about zoning and land use in New York City as well as the city government’s legal involvement in real estate development. “New York City is so big and sometimes you feel kind of small. (Knowledge of zoning laws) helps put things into perspective,” he explains as he reflects on the useful insights he gained through the fellowship.


Rogovich is the only attorney at JLC with zoning experience, giving him a uniquely big picture understanding of his work: “I like to bring that perspective to the firm because it’s a different set of eyes. It’s more of a macro perspective to some of the things that clients are really interested in discussing.”  


Rogovich began his relationship with the firm through a fulfilling internship with the team in law school. He credits JLC’s supportive work environment and the team’s clear dedication to their clients as the primary reasons he returned: “They really cared about their clients and that stood out to me. Watching Jean,Alison and Liz work was really unbelievable and I knew that these were people I wanted to work with.”


Now that Rogovich has come full circle at the firm, he emphasizes authenticity in his approach to new clients. “I try to be myself. I think that clients can tell right away when you’re not being totally honest,” he explains. He also highlights the importance of carefully considering clients’ needs: “I let their concerns drive the conversation. I think as attorneys, we’re a vehicle for a lot of clients to get what they want… It’s our job to help guide them.”


Jason’s consistent and impressive success is clearly a result of his strong work ethic and drive. And yet, when asked about his hopes for the future, he speaks with humility and pragmatism: “I take it day by day. I hope to become a little bit better of an attorney each day.”

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