Today is my firm's 10-year anniversary - A note from Jean

May 4, 2020

Today is my firm’s 10-year anniversary.

A couple months ago, I had exciting visions of an office warming party in our newly constructed office space - Suite 1616 at 200 Park Avenue South.  I envisioned chatter and glasses clamoring as we shared wine bottles we’ve been hoarding from vendors and happy clients.

I envisioned faces of our favorite people – colleagues, loved ones, friendly competitors, clients, old law school classmates – pretty much anyone we could share a celebratory cheers for the practice I’d started as a solo in 2010.  A new office also meant building and designing something together. I was excited. My team was excited for more workspace and change.

Today, May 4, 2020 - I have the same visions but my path getting here from the last several weeks was not always as clear.  It was actually really hard.

I felt a great sadness for the city I’ve loved for the past 15 years and for the world experiencing a seemingly inhumane journey of life to death to after death.  I felt a sadness walking past the boarded-up storefronts and the endless “we are closed” signs adorned in windows. New businesses. Entrepreneurs. Veterans. Mom & pop shops. To me, each of them symbolized someone’s dreams that were forced to shutter.  Like everyone, there was shock. This was strange, scary and bigger than all of us.

But I also felt connected. I saw strengths and weaknesses in humanity and in those around me and in myself.  I learned more about business in the past 6 weeks than I had in the past 9+ years.

My team and I connected on another level. I saw everyone support one another in ways they best could.  I observed them work hard and make sacrifices for each client matter we had.  I sat in on their brainstorm sessions where they created solutions to challenges that would've stumped most people.  We were grateful for our daily zoom meetings as some 2D form of routine.

Success came from the collaboration even if the end result was not as expected.

So today, I have the same visions of celebrating - but not my 10-year business anniversary or a new office space - but to celebrate life.

I thank you for your support over the past 10 years
and while I could not have imagined a decade milestone like this one, I look forward to the day I can share a real clamoring wine glass with each of you.

Jean L. Chou, Esq., Principal

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