Client Testimonials

...especially Liz who was the associate that handled our intra family coop closing. I was very comfortable with Liz and her team and knew we were in good hands. She communicated directly with the coop managing agent so there was nothing I needed to do. She was very organized and explained the process as we went along and especially at the closing with the documents we were signing. Thank you Liz I will definitely be referring your firm to anyone who asks."

Louise X., a real estate transactions client

...from the competition from the very first phone call. Amazing, fantastic, impeccable, reliable, knowledgeable--JLC deserves all the good adjectives! I couldn't be more happy with the choice to work with the team at JLC--specifically Alison Gaskin and Loren Carter. At the beginning of my home-buying process, I called several offices for initial inquiries, and they were the ones who were most knowledgeable, quick to return my call, and sincere from the beginning. They were unbelievabl[y] fast in processing my due diligence, yet maintained an eye for detail and a loyalty to advocating for me as a client. Cannot recommend more!

Ellen R., a real estate transactions client

No one is better! I was sad for my apartment to close because that meant we would no longer be working with Jean and her incredible team! They would respond instantly, provide helpful insights when needed and were incredibly organized and friendly. They went above and beyond when we needed them to on multiple occasions.”

Amanda M., a real estate transactions client

I found Jean on Yelp and was impressed by the positive reviews. My parents had a bad experience with their attorney so I was looking for quality service to avoid that. I also wanted someone who wouldn't complain about being more involved since it's a HDFC coop and I knew I was going to have questions and requests. Before I had even hired her, Jean spent half an hour with me on the phone, looked up the coop, and told me her thoughts and findings. It confirmed my impression of her from the Yelp reviews. She is proactive, thorough and someone I'd like to work with. My friends referred me to other attorneys who were cheaper. I interviewed one of them and was reassured that Jean is the right choice. Even the seller's attorney said he'd like to work with her more often and my coop president asked me for her contact information.""

Elaine L., an HDFC client

What drew me to Jean after speaking to a few other attorneys is she actually listened rather than lectured me. Had the time to listen to my questions and provide constructive meaningful answers before I hired her. And made sure I had all my concerns addressed.”

Bryan L., a real estate transactions client

My husband and I hired her to handle both the sale of our NY house and the purchase of a NJ house. She saw us through a year’s worth of delays and headaches caused by very difficult buyers. Despite it all, Jean was the consummate professional and she never complained and was never pushy.. With poise and grace, she managed tense and challenging situations with another attorney to resolve matters in our favor.”

Fannie C., a real estate transactions client

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