Client Testimonials

Everyone at the firm is personable, knowledgable, and best of all for a first time buyer, incredibly patient and not at all patronizing. Helped navigate all aspects of the process with ease and settle all of our concerns. Highly recommend!"

Valerie A., a first-time buyer client

... to all of my questions and thoughtfully considered which business structure would be best for me.. she was beyond flawless. She even helped me with things that were probably below her expertise, just so that I could rest easy knowing that everything was done correctly. If I had to use 3 words to describe Jean I would say she is precise, considerate and intelligent. She represents exactly what I was looking for in a lawyer, and I’ve met enough to know that these qualities are incredibly rare.”

Lauren C., a business advisory client

Although I’m an attorney myself, the legal and technical intricacies of NYC real estate law were new to me – Jean, from the outset to finish, explained the entire process to me and meticulously went through each provision in each legal document put in front of me. She would foresee and preempt issues before they came up during the negotiation process.”

Juelle G., a real estate transactions client

It is inconceivable to me that there is any better choice than Jean. From the start, Jean was clear, concise, and proactive. Whenever I wanted to discuss something, she was highly responsive and patient. When I ran into difficulties with a slow-moving condo board, she didn’t miss a beat, stepped up and coached me while also coordinating with my real estate agent, and went way beyond what I had any right to expect.”

Keith D., a real estate sale client

My husband and I hired her to handle both the sale of our NY house and the purchase of a NJ house. She saw us through a year’s worth of delays and headaches caused by very difficult buyers. Despite it all, Jean was the consummate professional and she never complained and was never pushy.. With poise and grace, she managed tense and challenging situations with another attorney to resolve matters in our favor.”

Fannie C., a real estate transactions client

...especially Liz who was the associate that handled our intra family coop closing. I was very comfortable with Liz and her team and knew we were in good hands. She communicated directly with the coop managing agent so there was nothing I needed to do. She was very organized and explained the process as we went along and especially at the closing with the documents we were signing. Thank you Liz I will definitely be referring your firm to anyone who asks."

Louise X., a real estate transactions client

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